Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Budget Beauty: MUA....

We all love a good old bargain right? Well I know I do, and especially with make up! There are so many cheaper brands out there and because they're so so, a lot of people avoid them thinking 'If they're that cheap then they can't be that good quality' So what I thought of doing is go out and search all of the cheaper make up brands and review certain products from them to see if it's possible to have 'budget beauty'
The products from each brand I'll be buying and testing are:

* Lipstick
* Lipgloss
* Pencil eyeliner
* Liquid eyeliner
* Eyeshadow
* Mascara
* Blusher
* Concealer
* Nail varnish

First up (One of my favourite brands) MUA:

I've chosen my favourites just for the pictures, but I've used basically every colour in every product I have over the past month.

Let's start with lips:

* Lipstick: 5/5 Extremely pigmented. Long lasting. Dark and bright colours leave a slight stain behind once worn off

* Lipgloss: 3/5 Smells amazing. More of a sheen than a gloss. Not sticky at all. Not very long lasting


* Pencil liner: 4/5 Extremely pigmented. Very creamy. Smooth to apply. Does smudge if not set with a powder (perfect for a smokey look)

* Liquid liner: 5/5 LOVE this eyeliner, I use it as part of my daily routine (have used about 5 bottles) Extremely pigmented. Long lasting. Once dry it stays put until you want to wash it off. Easy application

* Eyeshadow: 5/5 Extremely pigmented. Available in pearl and matte. For me, the black (shade 20) beats MAC's 'carbon' by miles!!! Blend so easily. Lasts all day

* Mascara: 4/5 I'll admit, when I picked this up I thought it wouldn't be any good...WRONG! I actually really like it. It's more of a natural looking mascara, so if you like dramatic lashes this isn't for you. No clumps. Separates lashes


* Blusher: 5/5 Extremely pigmented. Quite powdery but easily tapped off the brush. Long lasting.

* Concealer: 1/5 Doesn't conceal anything for me. Found it quite greasy. Not pigmented at all (maybe down to my oily skin?)


* Nail varnish: 3/5 Two coats needed (I always apply 2 coats with any varnish) Smooth application. Lasts 2 days before chipping starts

Top five products: (in no particular order)

* Liquid eyeliner
* Lipstick
* Eyeshadow
* Blusher
* Mascara

Everything I used for this months budget beauty cost £1.00 each, however there is also a studio range available too which I highly recommend!  

MUA is available to buy online and superdrug.

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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