Monday, 12 November 2012

Book review - Pushing the limits by Kate McGarry

Time for something a little different today, a book review. I had a second blog which I used to post all none beauty related things on but I didn't have the time to keep on top of two. So from time to time the odd book review may make an appearance on here. Today's book review is 'Pushing the limits' by Kate McGarry:

This appeared in my weekly favourites because I literally couldn't put it down.

The blurb:

'They say be a good girl,
get good grades,
be popular.
They know nothing about me.

I can't remember the night that changed my life. The night I went from popular to loner freak. And my family are determined to keep it that way. They said therapy was supposed to help. They didn't expect Noah. Noah is the dangerous boy my parents warned me about. But the only one who'll listen. The only one who'll help me find the truth. I know every kiss, every promise, every touch is forbidden. But what if finding your destiny means breaking all the rules? A brave and powerful novel about loss, change and growing up, but most of all love'

This book is about two teenagers with similar lives, in that they both have troubled backgrounds. Echo used to be one of the popular girls until the day she returned to school with scars all up her arms and no recollection of how she got them. Noah was the pot smoking bad boy who had a reputation of sleeping with every girl in School. Their paths never crossed until they both had weekly appointments with the school guidance councillor. Noah's parents died in a house fire so he and his two young brothers got put into foster care, Noah jumping from one foster home to another and his younger brothers in a stable caring loving home. Noah's mission was to graduate high school and get full custody of his brothers. Echo's mission was to find out what happened to her on that dreadful night. What brought the pair together? Their need for their files from the guidance councillors office. 
However life, especially in books, is not that simple and so they began their long journey of heartache, misfortune and finding out the truth.

I whole heartedly recommend this book! I cried almost all of the way through, it's definitely one that will pull you in and pull at your heart strings!


Have you read this book, or have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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