Saturday, 24 November 2012

Review - Beauty fixation tinted lip conditioner....

I recently received my 'Latest in beauty' box and the one thing I was excited about were the Japonesque 'beauty fixation tinted lip conditioner' cotton buds

These are basically 24 cotton buds filled with tinted lip conditioner and all you have to do is snap off the end with the red ring around it, and squeeze the product out until it fills the cotton bud at the other end.

I thought these were a great idea for travelling or just to simply throw in your bag for when you want a little extra sheen on your lips.
I love the idea, however I don't love the product itself. I found them to be oily, which was a bit weird for a tinted lip conditioner as any others I've tried have been a balm. They weren't pigmented at all which was a let down as they indicate 'Tinted'. I wasn't expecting full on colour but 'tinted' means a little smidge of colour right?

The actual product pretty much soaked into my lips straight away, literally after about 10 minutes. They didn't feel all that conditioned if I'm honest, I think an ordinary lip balm works better.

I'd say if you can get these as samples (latest in beauty is where I got mine) then give them a go, you might like them. I wouldn't purchase these myself because I don't think I'd use them again

Have you tried these?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Where to buy:

* USA Amazon
*  Beautybar
* UK Amazon
* Latest in beauty
* Cocktail Cosmetics

Have you tried these before?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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