Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review - MUA Mystical glitter nails in 'Seahorse'....

MUA have recently brought out new glitter nail varnishes called 'mystical glitter nails' and I picked one up in 'Seahorse' (love the name!)

Origianally I wanted to get the shade 'Mermaid' which is a gorgeous blue but then I spotted this one and changed my mind (I'll definitely be going back for Mermaid!) Seahorse is, in my opinion, pretty unique. I want to say it's a golden olive colour and it's stunning!

With one coat and without flash

With two coats and without flash

With two coats and with flash

This was so easy to apply and dried pretty quickly. I needed to apply two coats of this (which it said on the bottle) to get it opaque, and what I noticed is that unlike some other glitter nail varnish that I have this is smooth once applied to the nail. Some others feel gritty and when you run your finger over your nail you can feel the glitter, but not with these. This lasted  4 days on my nails before it started to chip (base coat and no top coat - you know me :p)

The lowdown:

* Cost - £2.00
* Shades - 7
* 6.8ml of product
* Dries pretty quick
* Two coats needed
* Lasts 4
* Smooth to touch, glitter isn't grainy
*  5/5

I love these nail varnishes, I'll definitely be buying more! 

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. Pretty shade, I love how it looks after two coats. I have a couple of the MUA nail varnishes but they're just the old £1 ones I'm dying to try some of the newer ones x

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  3. I'm deffo going to have to go and get more colours lol I think their nail varnishes are really good, especially the Love hearts ones.

    S xx