Friday, 17 August 2012

17 powders: which one wins?....

Lets talk face powders, in particular 17 powders. I first heard Ms budget beauty talk about 17 powder in one of her videos and she totally raved about it, saying it set her make up great and kept her foundation matte. So off I trotted to Boots in search of this powder. However I picked up the wrong one - I wanted to try out (and kind of still do) the 'shine control pressed powder' but accidently picked up the 'pressed powder' and didn't notice until I got home. I used it anyway and thought that when I've used it all up I'd buy the 'shine control pressed powder' two compacts of the 'pressed powder' later, I'm loving it!

Jeez do I know how to ramble! Anyway, I ran out of yet another 'pressed powder' and notice that 17 now make 'miracle matte pressed powder' so I thought 'meh why not?!' So I picked one up, I've hit pan and wanted to do a comparison:

Now, I say comparison but to be honest I find these powders (for me) are exactly the same and that's not a bad thing. It just means that if I can't get my hands on one, I know I can get the other one ;)

They both set my foundation great and give me a flawless finish, they both give me a matte finish and I don't need to re-powder throughout the day (may be down to my primer) The one thing I would say about the 'miracle matte' is that it's very powdery when I swirl my brush in and can get rather messy, I don't find this with the 'pressed powder'

I'd say deffo give either of these a go if you have oily skin. I used to used Rimmel stay matte powder until I found these and I won't be going back to Rimmel any time soon. I also prefer the packaging of these. Not only is it sleek, it closes properly and comes with a mirror which is always handy!

What do I give these powders?

* Pressed powder 5/5
* Miracle matte 4.5/5 (just because it gets slightly messy)

Have you tried these? Think I may have to try the 'miracle matte' foundation too!

Where to buy: Boots website

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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