Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekly favourites....

OK it's Sunday, time for my weekly faves and again this week, I'm doing it slightly different again (see I always tell you I'm fickle!) Last week was a complete fluke that I loved everything that I was using, his week? Not much. I have some 'likes' 'not so likes' and some 'faves' from what I've been using. Let's start with 'Likes' -

* No7 black gel liner
* Benefit lipgloss in 'life on the A list'
* MUA blush in shade 2
* MAC paint pot in 'bare study'
* MUA every lash mascara

I still like all of the above products and will continue to use them, but they didn't make it to my faves

Now for 'not so likes'

* Vivo baked bronzer in 'healthy glow'
I liked this a little when I first bought it, but when I've been using it this week (as a highlight) I just didn't notuce a glow or highlight at all

Now for faves:

* e.l.f lip conditioner in 'peaceful pink'
* Maybelline quad in 'emerald isle'
* Avon lipstick in 'carnation'
The lipstick and lip conditioner go so nice together, the lip conditioner smells so nice and is really pigmented, and the lipstick again is very pigmented and stays on for around 5 hours! The quad I love because it makes my eye colour pop and with it having 4 different shades, it means you can do different looks each time. My fave 2 colours are the lighter shades!

Random fave:

* Nivea diamond touch cream oil
I think this could now be an all time favourite for me. It smells great, lathers really nice and best of all leaves my skin feeling SO soft!

That's it for this week

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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