Monday, 20 August 2012

Weekly favourites....

Sorry that this a day late!
Weekly faves time again, I'm quite enjoying doing this weekly post the way I've been doing it. It makes me use products that I haven't used in ages. Here's my 'Likes':

* Bourjois blush in '43 cendre de rose brune': I like this either on it's own or with e.l.f contour powder, but not so much with Benefit hoola bronzer

* Benefit highbeam: Again I like this with e.l.f bronzer or just with blush

* Urban decay primer potion: I do like this and will continue to use it, but to be honest I prefer the MUA eyeshadow primer

Now for 'not so likes:

* Natural collection lipstick in 'Sorbet': I liked this when I first applied it but as the day wore on and it faded I looked like I had been eating spaghetti sauce and had it left around the edges around my lips (not a good look) That and I was left with speckles of glitter on the centre of my lips

* E.l.f liquid liner in Black: I like the formula (once dry it does stay put) but I can't get away with the brush. It's very thin and flimsy so I find it hard to create a wing along my upper lashline

And last but not least Faves:

* MUA lipstick in shade 7: I love this colour, I changed to this after my disastrous look with the natural collection lippy

* Clinique high impact mascara: This is one of my all time favourite mascara's ever. It gives length, volume and is just amazing

* Benefit hoola bronzer: I bout this in a mini set a few months back and never used it more than once and twice. I love it and think this will probably now become par of my everyday routine

* Avon super shock liner: I used this once and fell in love (I'll be doing a full review of it) It is literally a gel liner in pencil form

* MAC blanc type eyeshadow: I decided to whip out my MAC palettes because I barely use them any more and want to start getting more use out of them. This is my favourite hightlight and all over lid colour

* MAC satin taupe eyeshadow: One of the first, if not my first, MAC eyeshadow. I forgot how pretty this is

* MAC memorabilia eyeshadow: Such a gorgeous and kind of unusual cool tone purple. I wore this on the days I didn't wear satin taupe, and got quite a few compliments on it

* Kleenex facial cloths: I had tow small sample packs of these and loved them so much I went out and bought a full size box. They're so soft and perfect for removing make up

* Marks and spencer perfume in 'dreamy days': I'm actually addicted to this and can't stop smelling it. It reminds me of a perfume my auntie used to wear called 'Tribe'

That's it for this weeks faves

Thanks for reading :)


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