Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review: Topshop cream eye shadow....

I bought these a couple of weeks ago or so and have used them quite a few times, and to be honest I'm on the fence about them. I was unsure as to whether I would do this post, but I thought why not? Not all reviews have to be about things we all love, right? I also figured maybe someone who's used these may be able to help about how the best way to apply them:

Let's talk about what I love about them: The colours, pigmentation, staying power, they don't crease and they're great bases. What I don't love so much: They're messy to apply.

I've applied these with my No7 blend and contour brush (which is what I use to apply my maybelline color tattoo) and I've tried with my ring finger. Using the brush is good for blending but not applying, and using my finger is good for applying but not great at blending. Once they're blended out I needed to add a little more because the colour faded slightly, but I find this with most powder eyeshadows too. It gets very messy if you over do it with these, it becomes hard to blend them out, so I'd advise building the colour up and that way you can control how much product you use.

Good points:

* Beautiful colours
* Don't crease
* Last all day
* Great as a base
* Pigmented

Not so good points:

* Difficult to apply and blend
* Lose some pigmentation once blended

Have you tried these out? How do you apply them?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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