Friday, 3 August 2012

Summer 2012....

Is anyone else like Monica from friends and just HAS to make list upon list of things that need to be done, or need to be bought? Come on own up I know it's not just me! I decided a few months back (along with my Cousin) that this is going to be a fun filled action packed summer.......we're now into August and it hasn't been any of those things due to lack of funds and the reliable British summer!! SO I sat the other day and made a 'summer to do' list, and I will follow through with each and every item on it!!

Without further ado and rambling here's my summer plans:

1 - Go to Edinburgh zoo. I've never been and always wanted to!

2 - Go to Drayton Manor. I'm THE biggest adrenaline junkie (and child) ever and love all the upside down and fast rides. I've been to a few theme parks but never this one

3 - Go camping. I'm probably the only person in the history of man kind to have never been camping!! This is a must this summer, even if it rains

4 - Go wine tasting. Another thing I've always wanted to do. My best friend said to me the other day all we need to do is get together, with a few bottles of wine and we're sorted haha Sounds like a plan to me :P

5 - Have a spa day. A day of relaxing, massages and getting pampered sounds like bliss if you ask me

6 - Go strawberry picking. I have no idea why this appeals to me as much as it does, but it just seems like so much fun!

*All pictures borrowed from google

Do you have any summer plans?

I'm thinking this lot may spill into the Autumn and the list will get longer haha

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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