Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review - Avon supershock gel liner....

Two of the first youtubers I ever watched are the pixiwoo sisters. If you haven't already watched any of their video's, go check them out! One product that always seems to come up when they do any tutorials is the Avon supershock gel eyeliner:

Being an eyeliner fiend I had to get this to try out and see if it was as good as they say it is!! It is literally a gel liner in stick form (hence the name haha) It's so smooth and creamy to apply, which at first I was a bit 'hmmmm' about because I found it quite hard to apply along my upper lashline. However this really isn't a problem because with pencil liners I usually apply them to my waterline and tightline, but obviously I wanted to try this out properly so applied it to my tightline, waterline, upper and lower lashline.

What I found:

* Tightline - Smooth and easy to apply - just glides on with no effort at all. Extremely pigmented. Lasted around 6 hours (would've been longer but I removed my make up) and didn't budge. One thing I did notice is that after applying it and I blinked, it transferred to my waterline

* Waterline - Again smooth and easy to apply. Extremely pigmented. Lasted around 6 hours without dropping or smudging. One thing I loved about applying this to my waterline was that I could get right into the inner corner (tearduct area) with no smudging. Every other liner I try this with always smudges

* Upper lashline - Creamy and smooth application. However I found it difficult to get a thin line and couldn't wing it out the way I wanted to. It did stay put though and lasted all day

* Lower lashline - Creamy and smooth to apply, easily smudged before drying. Stayed put for around 4 hours then started to drop slightly

The lowdown:

* £6.00
* 2 colours
* Very waterproof
* Extremely pigmented
* Smooth and creamy to apply
* Very long lasting

This is an eyeliner I'd highly recommend and will definitely be repurchasing again!

Have you tried this out?

Available to buy online

Thanks for reading  :)

S xx

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