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Weekly review: Beautiful disaster....

If you've read Monday's post you'll know that I've started a new weekly post, book reviews. This weeks book is 'Beautiful disaster' by Jamie McGuire.

This book is based on the relationship of two people in college: Abby - a seemingly goody two shoes with a secret past, and Travis - a tattoo covered, motorcycle riding, fighter bad boy.
Abby and Travis first meet at one of Travis' fights and Travis is instantly attracted to Abby, however Abby doesn't seem too keen on him, knowing he's the kind of guy she needs to stay away from. The two quickly become friends when Abby makes it quite clear to Travis that she's not interested, and when the boiler in Abby's dorms breaks down she ends up staying with Travis. During another of Travis's fights, the two end up making a bet: if Abby loses she has to live with Travis for a further month, and if Travis loses he has to go without sex for a full month - he has a reputation of being a total player. Abby loses the bet and has to stay in Travis's flat for another month, and the two become even closer. As the reader it's quite clear that they both have feelings for one another but neither will admit it.
Travis is very jealous whenever Abby talks to another guy, and very easily loses his temper which means they two continuously fight and fall out. Eventually things come to a head and Abby figures out that Travis has feelings for her and gets scared, so she decides that the only way to get him to lose these feelings is to sleep with him (him being the player he is, he usually sleeps with a girl then loses interest the next day) It doesn't work this time though and his feelings for her only heighten.
Abby eventually admits to her feelings for Travis and the two start to date, much to the amazement and amusement of their fellow students because Travis has never had a girlfriend, only one night stands. Their blissful relationship doesn't last though when Abby's past comes back to bite her in the backside, and the two end up breaking up for good. Neither of them is happy about the breakup but both think that it's what the other wants,so remain just friends, until Abby gets drunk at a party one night and Travis takes her home to sober up. And once again they end up back together, this time for good.

I won't spoil the ending, because it's really good and deffo worth all of the drama that the two have been through. It really does does deserve the title 'Beautiful disaster'
This isn't your typical love story of boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. This is a gritty, drama filled love story of two people who want and need to be together and have to deal with and overcome their pasts to be happy together.
The only link that I see with this and 'fifty shades of grey' is the characters pasts and the need for them to overcome their problems to be together. It's definitely a book I'd read again, and one I would whole heartedly recommend to all of you who are a sucker for a love story.

I give this: 5/5

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Do you have any good books that you'd recommend?

Thanks for reading :)

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