Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Battle of waterproof liners....

Time for another battle. This time: waterproof eyeliners. I wear liner everyday but I use liquid/gel to line along my upper lashline. However on nights out I like to darken up my eyes with a pencil liner on my tightline and waterline, so I go for a waterproof pencil to make sure it stays put all night. I have four that I've been testing out:

* Avon supershock gel eyeliner: £6.00 - Definitely waterproof and super pigmented. You barely have to add any pressure to get full colour. Perfect for tightline and waterline

* Gosh velvet touch: £4.99 - Not as pigmented as Avon or Barry M but great for waterline. Stays put all day without transferring to waterline. Does tend to drop after a while when applied to waterline

* Barry M bold: £3.99 - Creamy and smooth to apply, smooth as liquid liner and lasts all day. Perfect for tightline, does drop slightly on waterline

* Jemma Kidd I glamour define: £14.00 - This is better for upper and lower waterline because it isn't as creamy as the others. It's not as pigmented so you have to swipe a couple of times to get full colour

Winner - Avon 'supershock' with Barry M 'Bold' coming in a very close second. Avon wins slightly because it's a little more creamy, and a little more pigmented

* Most pigmented - Avon supershock
* Least pigmented - Jemma kidd and Gosh
* Smoothest to apply - Avon supershock
* Not so smooth to apply - Jemma kidd

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